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We need a corporate film…we just don’t know why!

Content is king; people want to find you online. Google loves video, Google loves content. Content is king! Did I say that already?

It doesn’t matter if it’s a work thing or something personal, when we need information of any kind these days we Google it. Thinking about a new kitchen? A trip to Rome? Maybe your boss asked you to find a company to organise an event?

Your first point of contact is Google and then maybe you pop over to Facebook to see if anyone you know has any tips or recommendations.

When we’re really getting serious about a purchase we search YouTube videos, check reviews, browse some blogs, check out Amazon and we do this 24/7 at home, on the bus, at the airport, even on our holidays of a lifetime. 80% of smartphone users check their phones within 15 mins of waking up, most check out their phone before they speak to their partner!

So what is happening to help us make decisions while we’re doing all that browsing?
Daniel Priestley, in his book Oversubscribed, talks about the 7 hours we need to spend with something or someone to become a fan of that person or thing. We look at pictures, watch videos, read reviews. We spend time in a ‘getting to know you’ phase that makes us feel comfortable and this develops trust and confidence.
That’s why video is so powerful. A video can show the brand, the values, the culture and the reputation of a company in a fraction of the time it would take for someone to access that information in any other way.
When a video is good it’s actually better than the best sales person because it’s available 24/7 and it’s easily shared between decision makers. On the flip side, a poor video, something that doesn’t answer the key questions in the mind of a future customer, is an opportunity missed and could even put some people off.
That’s why the companies who keep track of how people are making decisions in a smart phone world, pay attention to what their customer is looking for. They make sure that their videos are both engaging, shareable and a source of useful information. Just the kind of thing that you can check out while you’re grabbing a coffee or waiting for a train.

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